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Best Places to secure a gun for self defense.

Now that you own a gun for self defense it is important that you find the right place to keep it in your house. You want to keep the gun in a place where it is easily accessible in case you need to reach for it in an emergency situation and also make the location discreet enough so it is secure and away from plain sight. Especially if you have kids, it is your responsibility to make sure that kids do not get their hands on guns that are not properly secured. Also before hiding your weapon away, you need to make sure that it is not unlawful to have an unsecured gun in a home where there are children. If things are A okay and the law is on your side with regards to keeping a gun outside of a safe, consider these places as the best locations to secure your gun.

Where you sleep
We will call it the bedroom for now, but the idea of keeping it in a bedroom is to keep the gun near you when you are at your most vulnerable, which is when you are dreaming and if you are in any kind of danger, you wouldn’t want to wake up and go groping for it while danger lurks round the corner. A bedroom is safe and secure because most people will never venture into your bedroom reducing the number of people who can find it or get their hands on it. You can use the dresser to safely tuck away your handgun so it is always near you or alternatively inside the closet.

Buy a gun vault
Gun vaults are built keeping in mind the top two things, easy access and discrete. There are vaults that are disguised as regular objects that look like they are part of the furniture but can tuck away a gun neatly in plain sight like a hollow fake book that can hold a gun inside. The vaults also come with a lock so as to safely keep the gun away from the hands of children.

The bathroom
A place where you can be completely helpless if under attack. Hide the gun inside boxes that look like soap bars, a thief will never look into something like that. But avoid keeping them next to your medicines as thieves might just want to see if you keep the drugs of their choice. Look for uninteresting mundane things in your bathroom that would not catch the attention of thieves but would be at an arm’s length from you.

Just like soap boxes, empty cereal boxes are great place to secure your gun safely. A cereal box will not be touched by most people unless you have nothing more to offer in terms of food. A gun kept inside a food box is easily accessible to you. So you are prepared to defend yourself easily the next time a thief enters your home.
When you own guns for self defense, it is important that you can reach for it quickly, when you really need your gun for self defense. While locks and combination safes are some of the most secure places to store guns, especially if there are children around. They are not the best locations to reach into, in times of emergency. Which is why you should consider one of the above options to store at least one gun discreetly near you.
Consider those places that thieves will never think of looking into. Remember, the gun you now own is to keep you and your family safe, giving some thought to the place where you keep your gun will keep everyone you love safe and sound.

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